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Director / Founder

Literacy specialist for over 10 years

With a background in psychology and counseling, Sydney Burns has dedicated her career to helping each child reach their fullest potential. She has spent many years studying learning differences and the methodologies used to treat them while working with students.

Early in her career, she spent several years at a Lindamood-Bell Center in the Bay Area. At the same time, she attended countless conferences and workshops for learning differences. As she became more specialized, she helped a mentor manage a Literacy Center that was extremely successful for the next five years of her life. That was an exciting time because she was able to customize programs for students and manage their progress. 


After relocating to AZ, she continued her passion in helping each child reach their full abilities and goals as a private tutor. Her success in AZ, along with her extensive knowledge and experience, inspire her to open Arcadia Literacy & Learning where she has developed a learning environment unlike any other. Her center utilizes top techniques to make each child feel confident, comfortable and supported. 

Meet Your TUtors

Arcadia Dyslexia Tutor

Sydney B

Sydney is working towards her Master's Degree in Child and Adolescent Counseling. After she received her undergraduate in psychology, she began her 10+ year career as a dyslexic specialist. 

Dyslexia Tutor Arcadia

Chelsea C

With her Master's Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, Chelsea's work with students is unparalleled. She is an experienced educator, certified ELA teacher, and incredible behavioral management coach. 

Chelsea also works as the Assistant Clinic Director.

Arcadia Reading Tutor

Erica W

Erica earned her Masters in Literature and Writing Studies. She offers students an organized, knowledgeable, and fun learning environment. In addition to tutoring, she works as the Operations Manager and Curriculum Designer. 

Phoenix Reading Tutor

Lexi C

Lexi brings a liveliness and spark of joy to each of her sessions. As a psychology student, she is able to keep students encouraged and involved throughout the class while making each student feel confident and successful. She goes the extra mile to help students get the most out of every lesson.

Arcadia Reading Tutor

Jo R

Jo earned her Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language. Her education, expertise, and vast experience comes across in each session. Her lessons incorporate a wide range of highly skilled techniques, resulting in enjoyable, engaging, and productive sessions.

Arcadia Literacy Tutor

Sydney H

Sydney's experience with children lends itself to vibrant and creative tutoring sessions. As a student of behavioral health sciences, she truly understands children and how to best motivate them to learn. Children leave her sessions feeling like they played the entire time, without realizing just how much work they had accomplished.