Creative and Academic

Writing Coaching

Working together to help your child develop a clear, cohesive, and creative voice. We use the latest in education to provide your child with the tools necessary to succeed on his or her own. 

How it works



Our education experts meet with parents and teachers to identify each student's individual learning strengths and deficits to generate student-specific learning goals. 

Individualized Lesson Plan

Together, our team will create an individualized education plan unique to your child to ensure his/her program is effective for his/her specific learning style and goals.

Expert-lead Coaching

Highly trained instructors implement the unique learning plan using well-researched curriculum and multisensory teaching methods in a one-to-one, intensive format.

 Independence and Confidence

Students develop a lasting foundation and skill-set which is applied in and out of the classroom as they become confident and independent learners. 

We work with children of all ages, levels, and learning styles.


Whether your child struggles with writing assignments, is a strong writer who wants to strengthen his skills, or has received a diagnosis, such as Dyslexia or ADHD, we can help!

Our unique and effective programs are individualized to meet your specific writing goals. 

Wise Owls Creative and Academic Writing Program

Have You Noticed?

Difficulty with any of the following:

  • Expressing ideas clearly

  • Organizing ideas

  • Correcting grammar and punctuation 

  • Understanding assignments

  • Researching information

  • Confidence

Or, any one of these behaviors:

  • Frequently procrastinates or avoids writing 

  • Needs guidance when starting an assignment

  • Difficulty keeping up with peers

  • Rushes through writing assignments

What this Means

This could mean your child needs help with:

  • Planning and executive functioning

  • Mechanics and technical writing

  • Higher order thinking

  • Gestalt thinking 

  • Mental Organization

  • Verbal expression

  • Comprehension

  • Analytical thinking

  • Study skills

  • Retention 

  • Visualizing information 

How We Help

Our expert writing staff uses the Wise Owl's writing curriculum to develop confident and knowledgeable writers. This program teaches students to use effective methodologies to clearly share information in an interesting and intellectual format. Each student develops his/her own writing voice, allowing them to continue growing on their own. Our students will gain years of writing experience in just a few sessions. For more specific details, call or visit today!

Working together to help your child become a confident and independent learner.

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