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Using evidence-based programs, adaptive behavioral management, and individualized learning plans, students learn to overcome learning differences. Our programs are designed to tackle a student's specific challenge so each student can continue to grow and develop in and out of the classroom.  Through regular updates, careful tracking, and progress testing, Arcadia Literacy & Learning will help your child reach his or her learning goals.  

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Tutoring Services

DysLexia Tutoring

  • Phonological Dyslexia 

  • Orthographic Dyslexia 

  • ADHD + Dyslexia

  • Reading

  • Spelling

  • Multisensory

  • Evidence Based

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Executive Function

  • Organization

  • ADHD 

  • Study Skills

  • Planning 

  • Executive Coaching

Early Reading

  • Pre-k and K 
  • Early Intervention
  • Reading foundation
  • Letter formation
  • Early Sight Words
  • One-to-one
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  • Understanding information
  • Main Ideas
  • Gestalt Thinking
  • Social Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Processing speed
  • Verbal fluency

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