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Vocabulary. Main Ideas. Language Processing. Verbal/Written Expression

How it works

Learning Assessment

Our education experts meet with parents and teachers to identify each student's individual learning strengths and deficits to generate student-specific learning goals. 

Individualized Lesson Plan

Together, our team will create an individualized education plan unique to your child to ensure his/her program is effective for his/her specific learning style and goals.

Multisensory Instruction

Highly trained instructors implement the unique learning plan using well-researched curriculum and multisensory teaching methods in a one-to-one, intensive format.

 Independence and Confidence

Students develop a lasting foundation and skill-set which is applied in and out of the classroom as they become confident and independent learners. 

We work with children of all ages, levels, and learning styles.


Whether your child struggles in the classroom, has received a diagnosis, such as Central Processing Disorder or a Learning Disorder, or simply wants to get ahead and improve his or her comprehension and learning abilities, we can help!

Our programs are individualized to meet your specific learning goals. 

Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking®

Have You Noticed?

Difficulty with any of the following:

  • Understanding a story

  • Recalling information

  • Following directions

  • Sharing ideas

  • Forming Opinions

  • Confidence

  • Flexibility 

  • Expressing himself/herself

Or, any one of these behaviors:

  • Difficulty in social situations

  • Slow, tedious homework 

  • Difficulty keeping up with peers

  • Avoids reading, writing, or conversations

  • Becomes frustrated frequently

What this Means


This could mean your child needs help with:

  • Generalizing information

  • Using context clues to formulate complex ideas

  • Sustaining a working memory picture

  • Comprehending verbal and written information

  • Verbal and written expression

  • Abstract thinking

  • Emotional awareness

  • Processing speed and style

  • Encoding and retrieving information. 

How We Help

Using intensive, one-to-one, multisensory intervention, we can target the specific cognitive function inhibiting your child from being the strong, confident learner he/she has the potential to be. These tested and proven programs alter the connections in the brain to fundamentally change the way your child perceives written and verbal information. This will improve their overall cognitive function and ability to learn new information.

Language processing affects kids socially and academically.

Get them the help they deserve.

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