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About the Founder

Literacy specialist for over 10 years

With a background in psychology and counseling, Sydney Burns has dedicated her career to helping each child reach their fullest potential. She has spent many years studying learning differences and the methodologies used to treat them while working with students.

Early in her career, she spent several years at a Lindamood-Bell Center in the Bay Area. At the same time, she attended countless conferences and workshops for learning differences. As she became more specialized, she helped a mentor manage a Literacy Center that was extremely successful for the next five years of her life. That was an exciting time because she was able to customize programs for students and manage their progress. 


After relocating to AZ, she continued her passion in helping each child reach their full abilities and goals as a private tutor. Her success in AZ, along with her extensive knowledge and experience, inspire her to open Arcadia Literacy & Learning where she has developed a learning environment unlike any other. Her center utilizes top techniques to make each child feel confident, comfortable and supported. 

Arcadia Literacy & Learning

Specialized, Skilled, and Compassionate Educators

Welcome to Arcadia Literacy & Learning! Since our inception in 2017, our mission has been clear: to provide exceptional education and unwavering support to children facing challenges in reading, learning, executive function, and language comprehension.


We believe in a holistic approach, blending high-quality academics with emotional and familial assistance to foster comprehensive growth. At Arcadia, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do; we continually refine our programs through ongoing research and feedback, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of our students.


Our expertise lies in serving those who defy categorization, tailoring individualized programs to each child's unique strengths and areas for improvement. With a team of highly educated professionals dedicated to their craft, we offer a nurturing environment where every child feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential. Join us on this journey of discovery and growth at Arcadia Literacy & Learning.


Meet Your TEAM


Erica W

Erica works as the Director for Arcadia Literacy & Learning. She earned her M.A. in Literature & Writing Studies from California State University San Marcos and a B.A. in English Literature from the University of California San Diego. In addition, Erica earned a TESOL certification from the University of California Los Angeles in order to better support her diverse group of students, particularly ESL students.


Erica has worked with students of all ages, from Pre-K through adult education both in the classroom and one-on-one. She offers students an organized, knowledgeable, and fun learning environment. In her free time, Erica is an avid hiker and reader. She loves to spend weekends in Sedona, Payson, and Flagstaff or with her book club.


   Chelsea C

Chelsea works as the Learning & Curriculum Manager for Arcadia Literacy & Learning. Chelsea has over 10 years of 1:1 tutoring experience, as well as classroom experience that ranges from early elementary aged students to adult learners. Chelsea earned her Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language/Applied Linguistics from Northern Arizona University, and holds Bachelor’s degrees in English, Modern Languages, and a certificate in Linguistics. 


Chelsea is passionate about discovering and teaching to each child's unique strengths using current, research-based methodology. In her free time, Chelsea loves to be with her three cats, her daughter Penelope, and her husband Jake. 

Arcadia Literacy Tutor

Sydney H

Sydney's experience with children lends itself to vibrant and creative tutoring sessions. As a graduate student of behavioral health sciences, she truly understands children and how to best motivate them to learn. Children leave her sessions feeling like they played the entire time, without realizing just how much work they had accomplished. 

Elizabeth Headshot.jpg

Elizabeth M

Elizabeth is working towards her Masters degree in Elementary Education and Teaching. Her gentle, authentic approach to teaching allows children the space to learn difficult concepts while still feeling independent and successful. Her rigorous education background makes for thoughtful and creative lesson plans. 

Liz Headshot.jpg

Lizbeth F

Liz is dedicated to her work and her students. She makes every session impactful, providing students with creative, thoughtful, and carefully crafted lessons. Her students have fun in her sessions while learning complex concepts. Liz goes the extra mile to connect to her students.

Vanessa Headshot.jpg

Vanessa B

Vanessa has her Masters of Ed. in Montessori Teacher Education. Her vast knowledge of teaching methods and behavior management translates directly to her sessions as she easily adjusts her plans to meet the need of each and every student. Her intuition, compassion, and education make her a wonderful teacher for all students.

Emily Headshot.jpg

Emily S

Emily has vast experience in Special Education, working with Autism, and Behavior Management. She holds her masters in special education which carries over wonderfully into her work. She takes the time to truly understand the needs of her students and adjusts her plans to meet their goals. 


Alexis L

Alexis graduated from GCU with a bachelors of Science in Psychology and minor in counseling. Her experience as a special education instructor, early interventionist, and ABA therapist lend well to her adaptable and well-rounded approach to working with children of all ages.


Iscent G

Iscent is working towards her Bachelors in Psychology and hopes to become a clinical psychologist. She aims to teach the students she works with that learning is fun and that they are capable of mastering anything. Her students often remark that the time goes by so fast because they are so focused!


Kara D

Kara is passionate about meeting and achieving learning goals while providing a fun and creative learning environment! With her past teaching experience and enthusiasm, she cultivates a supportive learning journey for every student she works with.


Lauren S 

Lauren is a new addition to the team. Her background is a Creative Writing focus with an emphasis in Non-Fiction. She is gearing up to continue furthering her education in Education! Lauren loves to get her students’ creativity flowing by instilling confidence in their writing skills. She is able to ease student’s stress surrounding writing. Students feel comfortable asking questions, discussing subjects, and leave her sessions with a smile on their face and a noggin full of knowledge! 

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