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Oh the Places You'll Go With DR. Seuss in Your Cargo!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022



Theodore Seuss Giesel was born on March 2nd 1904. He is more commonly known as Dr. Seuss due to his fame and legacy in writing children's literature. Dr. Seuss is not just any ordinary author. the creative writing, wordplay, and illustrations within his books takes the reading expedience to a whole new level.


Importance of Text

Dr. Seuss's pieces of work are extremely beneficial when it comes to learning how to read. They include the perfect blend of education and entertainment, making for a recipe all new readers must taste. Most of his books contain core vocabulary words and these words tend to be repeated many times throughout the story. Due to this, reading his books becomes a great way for beginners to master words. Also, because of the repetition within Seuss's work children will be able to easily recognize words, as they have seen the same ones many times throughout the story. Consequently, this will build confidence in the reader because they are able to decode a word successfully and with speed. Moreover, Dr. Seuss carefully crafts his writing in a way where most sentences contain two short syllable followed by one long one. This blend helps readers understand the language in a more precise manner. Likewise, Seuss also includes rhyming words throughout the story. This makes his books not only fun to read but also helps readers remember the plot of the story and acquire new words along the way. Speaking of fun, Seuss adds multiple made up words and tongue twisters throughout his work. This not only makes the reading more enjoyable, but also gives readers training when it comes to verbal competence. In all, reading Dr. Seuss is a fantastic way for a young reader to build a solid literary foundation.

Great way for beginners to master words


Importance of Illustrations

Another benefit to new readers Seuss provides within his books is the extremely colorful and bright pictures. These unique illustrations play a supplementary role in portraying the words. Thus, readers are able to understand the concepts within the story better . The illustrations also make the stories intriguing to the reader. Because of this, Seuss's books do not simply help a reader gain skills but also assist them in developing a love for books.


More than a story

Dr. Seuss's creations are not only beneficial in helping the reader grow academically but also in an emotional way. Many of his books pull at one's heartstrings and teaches important life lessons. Also, he includes underlying issues and inspiring ideas for life within his work. Because of these deeper meanings, Dr. Seuss's books become enjoyable for not only the small among us but also the tall.


The End

Every child should be exposed to Dr. Seuss when learning to read. With his work, one will be able to decipher core vocabulary with fantastic speed. Seuss’s books are not only academically beneficial but also inspiring and enjoyable. They are truly timeless and thus understandable. With that being said, do not be a grinch and forget to celebrate his birthday: March 2nd. Instead, put on a hat, grab your cat, and snuggle up in your nook with a Dr. Seuss book.



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